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24th Jan

Finding A Manager


music manager


The first step to finding a manager is to figure out what exactly you need help doing.  Is it booking gigs, taking care of logistics, managing press and SNS, or something else?

The second step is to let people know you are looking for a manager.  Start with your friends, and ask them if anyone would be willing to help.

But be careful when you delegate work.  I feel a lot of musicians delegate tedious work they don’t want to do, and expect people to do it for them for free.  Don’t make this mistake or you will end up losing both a friend and a fan.

Make sure the exchange is mutually beneficial.  Let your friends take risks, try new things, and mess up every now and then.  Let them gain experience they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get in a professional working environment.

And be sure to thank them.  Give them free lessons or tickets to your shows and merchandise.  Make them feel like part of the family.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.

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