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  • Serbia,Belgrade
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Milos Vukomanovic

Born 08.06.1987 in Belgrade(Serbia) in 1994 his family decided to leave the country becose of the war and to find a better tomorow.They wanted to go to Italy,Milano from Corfu(Greece) but they car broke down and destroyed their plans,after 2 days they decided to go south in Athens(Greece) so after traveling 2 days with the broken car they arrive to Aspropirgos a small city 40Km from Athens,the car broke down completely and they took the bus to get to Athens.

At first days they lived in Hotel and after 3 weeks they find a house in that time Milos he was 7 years old and his brothes 6 years old

written to Greek schooll without knowing at all the Greek language but they had no trouble to adapt.In the meantime they mother learned them and the Serbian language because they didnt know at all.

Milos love football a lot and he know to run out of school with his friends to go to play,so he get to a local football team which had many successes not only with the local team but and with the school team also.

In 2004 he start to learn guitar at his own and he found it very interesting,after many years practising in 2009 he made his first band named ''3KK'' with his brother and his best friend they wrotte many songs acoustic sound's (world,pop,rock,country) in the meantime he wrotte many songs for other bands,singer and for himself to,he took part in many competitions.He speak 3 languages Serbian/Greek/English and little Italian hi is also writting songs in 3 or 4 languages.

Milos was studying physiotherapy in Athens,Greece but he stopped becose of his financial problems.

When I asked about his dream job his answer was simple and inspiring. "I will make my dreams be my job".He win a 'Valentine's Day Competition' with a song 'I Dont Have A Words' that was a good start for him.

Right now Milos is back to he's country (Serbia,Belgrade)

and studying to become a Professional Football Coach in a Football Academy Of Belgrade.

His favorites artists and bands are Zakk Wylde,Eros Ramazzotti,Nek,Bruce Springsteen,Ligabue,Bob Dylan,Natalia Umbruglia,RHCP,Antonella Bucci.

Milos is playing:Guitar,Bass,Harmonica,Electric Guitar,12str Guitar

Contact: vukoman1987june@hotmail.com

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  • MILO VOLT - feat on BBC INTRODUCING From 1 Milo to Another Milos! Good to see you on here...you're material is cool! great Vocals - Very Johnny Cash !

    06/07/2012 10:41:43

  • Marko Maric Samo napred brate,pokazi im ko su srbi u muzici.Ja sam osvojio drugo mesto na proslom takmicenju,samo nastavi dalje,glasao sam za tebe!!!

    31/10/2012 14:55:21

  • Shoayb Khan awesome!!! i loved your song would you like to return the favor? :)

    10/08/2013 08:30:22

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