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What you think of yourself

Is much more important than

What people think of you

Smile everyday, it?s good for the face!

remember that :)

See your future as you want it

If you reach for what you want you can have it

Don?t fall under anyone?s spell create your own

Open your mind and know who you are

Disregard everyday needless stress and concentrate on your next step

Be aware of the simple things or you will pass them by

Powerful you are feel it in your mind and embrace it in your soul

Don?t let survival consume all of your time

Take the experiences as they come

Hope is always ahead

Its time to forget about old fears and embrace new experiences

Be a free thinker

Take ?moments? in your day to be thankful for what you have

Let your heart warm, thinking of the future

Take inspiration from the things around you

Persistence will get you through

Never hate it will consume your future

Be the cat not the mouse

Music touches the soul ? listen

Love and happiness will follow

Be the action.

my music tell the stories listen when you get the time,much love


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