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  • Pop/Rock
  • Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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Perry Acker

Compared as a modern day Beatles group by live fans for their clean image and range of musical expression. Perry Acker?s sound is best described by vocalist/guitarist Pete Johnson, ?Pop rock, blues? Dave Matthews meets John Mayer with a little bit of Fleetwood Mac and Super Tramp. Put them all in a bucket and mix it around."

Perry Acker has spent the last two years popularizing their unique sound and cranking out unforgettable music. In February 2011, the group?s hard work paid off when they won Ford?s national battle of the bands, Gimme the Gig competition. Due to that success, Perry Acker will be recording with seven time Grammy winning producer Don Was in spring 2011.

However, it?s ultimately Perry Acker's live show that generates the most enthusiastic reviews.

?The group played an amazing set of melodic, pop, rock and jam music on the KISS FM Fisher Green Stage. Take The Beatles and The Grateful Dead, throw them in the mix and you have a beautiful sound that is perfect for a festival setting.?

? Greg Roth, Examiner

?Two Words? Great talent! With their young positive energy, fresh originals, a clean rockin? sound, and a full house of happy fans that always equates to a great night!?

? Jeff Call, Owner of Stonegate Rock Club

Perry Acker formed in Gig Harbor, Washington when vocalist/guitarist Pete Johnson, drummer Grady Lester and bassist Brandon Meade started making music together in high school. Several years later, Pete?s younger brother Mark Johnson joined them on the keyboard followed soon by guitarist Rick Powers. Named after Pete & Mark Johnson?s great-grandfather, Perry Acker was an accomplished Northwest landscape painter and artist.

It?s your turn to see this amazing live band. Then you will learn why there is always a ?buzz? surrounding the band ? Perry Acker.

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  • Elsie Wescott I agree..it is time to bring on the big guns.....Can't wait for the album....when in the fall?...Best keep on playing..so I can get that Perry Acker on at 6:00 am....till midnight!.....Enjoying the you tubes..keep them coming!...Gotta love that Harmonica Brandon!..Wooo Hooo!

    13/07/2011 08:47:03

  • Waid The first time I saw Perry Acker i peed a little. These guys are one of the tightest, and best put together groups in all of the "Seattle" music scene! I am so pleased to have found a "local" band that has as well structured music, and magnificent harmonies/vocals as those that come out of Perry Acker! Keep up the good work and see you soon gents!!!

    01/08/2011 21:22:23

  • Andy Massagli These guys actually sound as good live as they do in the studio. Incredible musicianship and group chemistry. They are the future of the Northwest music scene.

    02/08/2011 22:22:05

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  • 15th
    Bite of Seattle 2011
    Seattle Center
    4:00 pm
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