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  • Blues/R&B, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Country, Acoustic Rock
  • Colombia
  • Unranked
  • 6237

Claudia Valencia

Colombian singer-songwriter currently living in Bogotá. Has written the music for two local plays, and many songs in a variety of styles: folk, R&B, country, ballads, latin pop, etc. Remains as an independent/unsigned artist who loves writing music and performing nonstop.

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  • chalam Hello Sweet Claudia, It's time to release your single. YOU CAN.I am a songwriter too, I write a lot and celebrate songwriting! I wish to mail you my songs,please mail your interest to chalam47@gmail.com And please visit, http://www.music2deal.com/us/chalam . Claudia has a great voice! You will reach the TOP, I believe. Keep smiling...

    04/08/2011 06:08:59

  • The Dam Hej Claudia, I can't login soundcloud, my pages are available but I can't check anything. I've been half banned...this is my mail damsmith@virgilio.it Hope you're well !

    09/08/2011 09:03:20

  • tonyc great songs claudia and wow what a voice love it posted by tonyc

    01/03/2014 16:19:55

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