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DiscoAbsurdo are a Synth- and keys-based experimental band consisting of the keyboardist Uncle Mo (Christopher Morris) and the singer Auto-Dichotomy (Benjamin Olson). The band formed in March of 2009. Olson was familiar with Morris' music through Myspace.com, and he particularly liked a track titled Blonde0. He wrote to Morris asking if he'd like to be in a band with him, and Morris said yes. Unbeknownst to Olson, who resides in Queens, New York, Morris lived in Norfolk, about an hour outside of London. But this situation has not stopped the two of them from collaborating nearly nonstop for the past two years. Typically, Morris creates a song with keyboards and drum loops, then emails the file to Olson, who creates vocal tracks on top of it, then sends it back to Morris, who uploads the finished product onto their websites. By this method, they've created a multi-volume EP, entitled DeathBeforeDiscoAbsurdo, available for free download at their main site: discoabsurdo.bandcamp.com. Myspace.com has played an important role in the band's development. Auto-Dichotomy's own Myspace page proved a convenient way for Morris to access Olson's recordings when Olson first contacted him. Indeed, Morris now operates three websites for the band; on bandcamp.com, Last.fm, plus their original page on Myspace.com. These are the primary places to hear the latest DiscoAbsurdo songs, or see what their fans and friends are saying. Recently, DiscoAbsurdo was heard on the English radio show BBC Norfolk Introducing, which played both My Black Pearl and Out There With The White Noise. In addition, the show published the first ever article on the band in their digital mag VoluME. DiscoAbsurdo are currently unsigned.

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  • DiscoAbsurdo Greetings Loyal Followers of the Absurdian Retribution Movement (ARM)! Behold the new CD by DiscoAbsurdo! It's a six dollar salvation... http://discoabsurdo.bandcamp.com/

    02/01/2013 03:50:48

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