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  • Hip-Hop
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Unranked
  • 3985


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  • The Dam My vote for " The kiss "...good work Josh.

    11/06/2011 09:41:59

  • Ss Millz check me out.... Ss Millz

    19/01/2012 03:26:19

  • Amethyst Audio Mastering Alright Joshua. I'm a music producer that has just gained a mastering degree at University and now I'm looking to offer my services professionally for anyone who wants them, which includes mixing or mastering. If your interested I'll master 1 song for free, as having one of your own songs mastered is the best way to find out how it can help the sound of your own tracks.Thanks for your time

    22/01/2013 00:23:51

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