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  • Indie Rock
  • Atlanta, Fayetteville, Ithica
  • Unranked
  • 4183

The Big Ragoo

In 1996, The Big Ragoo was formed as a side project for three members of the Atlanta post-punk band Monkey Boy. Jimmy Ether, Ken Whitener and Shawn Christopher -- all prolific songwriters -- would rotate instruments with the principal songwriter playing guitar. The band broke up shortly after recording their debut Wreck Of The Big Ragoo, but now have reformed 14 years later to release new material.

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  • CircleView Like Your Sound..Diggin It!!!

    30/04/2011 19:10:27

  • Oscar Pop Big shipwreck of angst. Doesn't sound like it's 14 yrs. old... attack is relentless. Shout, Oscar, the gones, Denver

    17/08/2011 00:39:36

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