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  • Ohio
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Poetic Reasoning

Separately, it's hard to believe these guys came from the same broken home. However, when they are together doing what they do best their differences put them in tune with each other. When together, anyone in their company can easily be swept up and taken to a different place. A total of five siblings, they were raised together by their mother alone. They had to move every couple of years while they were young, so making friends and adjusting to new circumstances and surroundings eventually came easy for them. During their adolescent years, believing that there is a reason for everything was essential.

Chad, the lead guitarist and the eldest, probably grew up faster than any of them. Becoming the man of the house happened around the age of ten. His responsibilities consisted of keeping peace between the younger ones and just being there to watch over the family. Responsible and self-sufficient he left the family to go out on his own at an early age. He moved to Mississippi, married, and settled down with two sons. Chad's musical talent and interest has always been a part of who he is, inspired in the 80's by Eddie Van Halen. Chad found satisfaction playing with various small town bands while living in the south.

Dustin, the lead vocalist, has been a natural entertainer since the day he picked up the guitar. Chad inspired Dusty to play music, when in company the guitar is always by his side. Very talented and very modest about his capabilities, his music comes from the heart. Determined to be his own man he also left the house in his late teens. Dustin settling down at an early age and taking his responsibility as a spouse and father very serious was not a surprise to anyone who knows him well. He knew as a preteen that he is family orientated and would some day have one of his own.

Brett, the rhythm guitarist and the youngest, definitely drives this band. The absence of his siblings during his teen years left him alone with his thoughts and dreams. Brett, who is also extremely talented, had been inspired by Dustin in his early teens. Brett stayed at home and finished school with goals of having a career in criminal justice, at the same time believing in his dreams for himself and his family. His gift of awareness goes hand and hand with his understanding of life. Compassionate, soft spoken and extremely loyal Brett thrives on good times, family and friends.

After ten years Chad's marriage came to an abrupt and unexpected end. He moved back to Ohio to be with his family for moral support. Together these brothers found an outlet for expressing who they are through music. They connect with the listener by singing about real life. Chad's old school rock, Dustin's new age or alternative sound, and Brett's melody combined gives this band their unique sound.

Their differences compliment each other in spirit and in talent. Their mothers' determination and motivation to do her best set in play for them, that with these two attributes anything is possible. To this day they believe that there is a reason for everything. Brett's vision had begun to take place....Poetic Reasoning.

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  • Poetic Reasoning Check out our Official Band page here! www.PoeticReasoning.com We would love your support!!

    13/05/2011 14:17:17

  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    22/07/2011 20:14:47

  • Milos Vukomanovic Pretty good songs guy's ;) nice job you have my vote good luck

    17/01/2012 16:10:54

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