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  • Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Alternative, Acoustic Rock
  • Fairview PA, US
  • Unranked
  • 3514

Tom Hitt

Versatile fails to encompass the full range of ability that musician Tom Hitt brings to the stage. An innovative singer/song-writer, guitarist, drummer, and performer, Tom creates music because he?s enamored with the world around him. He observes myriad circumstances, incidents, lives, and happenings with a sense of whimsical wonder and a bit of social commentary. Tom is also the professional owner/producer of Cycling Troll Recording Studio. An eclectic music collector, he revels in discovering, promoting, and producing music with creative artists who fall outside the mainstream?a calling of sorts for him.

Currently Tom is writing edgy folk music for not-so-edgy folks; like you!

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  • Tom Hitt Greetings! I'm a newbie here, thanks for listening to my songs! FYI, I have an online radio interview coming up this THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17 at 6PM EST US. Visit http://www.cool1017online.com/ and click the 'listen live' link. I'll be chatting about song writing and playing some new songs! Thanks - ~TH~ http://tomhitt.com

    15/02/2011 15:28:54

  • Tom Hitt Even though my newest CD does not exist yet, I'm getting the promotion whell for it spinning. Stay tuned! ~TH~

    04/05/2011 19:30:23

  • BURNING BRAINS THE BAND http://flashwounds.com/2013/07/26/meet-brazils-burning-brains-the-band/ ( Please check this site and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.)

    10/08/2013 15:25:14

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