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  • Rock/Pop, Acoustic Rock
  • Ellensburg, WA
  • 81st
  • 12308

Tyrannosaurus Grace

The exuberant synth pop/alt rock group, Tyrannosaurus grace, was started in mid 2009 when founding members and long time friends Tim Held and Justin Foss began working on music together via the internet. The two had played in multiple bands together growing up but began to pursue their own projects when they moved to different locations. At the time Tim was attending college in Michigan and working on his masters degree in paleoanthropology while Justin was going to college in Oregon. Tim had been working on his solo project and asked Justin if he was interested in contributing to one of his tracks. Justin agreed. The track came out so well that they both decided to start a recording project together. After about 6 months of writing and file sharing the two felt that the music was getting good enough that it was worthwhile for them to move to the same area so they could move the project forward. They moved back to their hometown in central Washington State in early 2010 and immediately began work on their first full length album. As word of the project spread they were soon able to bring on some of the areas most talented musicians. The first to join was drummer Dave Hoffman who had played in a band with Tim for a brief period of time in 2008. Shortly thereafter while recording the song ?Chemistry? Dave had suggested that they bring in his friend Lakyn Bury to sing on the chorus (whose older brother Ryan was in the band that Dave and Tim were a part of in 2008). By the end of the first recording session with Lakyn, the group was so impressed with her abilities that they asked her to join the project. Luckily for them she agreed. The last member to come on board was bassist Jeff Gerrer who had been a longtime bandmate of Dave?s in another project. Jeff?s joining was the last piece of the puzzle so to speak and the band was soon able to finish up it?s first full length album.

T. grace?s style is derived from many musical genres from punk rock to pop. Most of the band?s musical background was birthed out of their love for late 1970? through early 1980?s punk rock and especially the pop-punk/ska movement of the mid 1990?s as well as a healthy appreciation for classic heavy metal. T. grace?s sound has been compared to other contemporary Alt Rock/Electronic acts such as Metric and The Feint.

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  • 2 Liter Gevar med Ljud That's some great tunes you have there, all the best!

    03/05/2011 09:32:02

  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    22/07/2011 23:29:15

  • Shoayb Khan Hey I loved your song, Please vote for my Song "By Myself", Thankyou! :)

    10/08/2013 08:43:39

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